Messor Network Protocol
class Messor Malicious attack detection
static init(): void
static check(string ip, array disableDetect, pageNotFound, string route, string|null url = null): void
Checking the IP address for an attack, the check is carried out according to the included settings in the setting.txt file
static noBlockSearchEngine(): bool
Checks ip address and user-agent if it belongs to a search engine then skips
static blockAgent(string type, string string, string|null agent = null): bool
Checks the incoming request for a valid user-agent
static blockDetect(string string): bool
Checking the IP address for finding it in the detect list
static noBlockIP(): bool
IP addresses from the whitelist that should not be blocked
static noBlockIPDdos(): bool
Unblocked IP addresses with DDOS enabled
static blockIp(array ipList, string string): bool
Checking the IP address for its content in the database or in the black list, in case of blocking
static blockRequest(array type, string string): bool
Blocking on Matching Query Parts
static blockPath(string string, array disableDetect): bool
Checking if the URI matches the request
static isWhite(): bool
Checking for IP addresses in the list of allowed addresses
static block(): bool|void
Selecting an action when blocked
static detectCount(): void
Counting the hit of an address in the detect list, if the number of detections is greater than specified in settings.txt, the IP address is blocked
static logger(string type, string file): void
Attack logging